WWDC 2014

So there was something revolutionary at the WWDC 2014 after all, but unless you are a developer, you probably missed it. After doing some reading, I realized that Swift, the new programming language from Apple is a big deal. It seems that this new language will eventually replace Objective C which is the language for every┬áIOS & Mac app. The language makes me think of C#, but likely more powerful and the compiler allows you to see the changes as the application is running. That is revolutionary, it will decrease development time. Even Unity 3D, that I particularly like doesn’t do that.

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Apple is planning something big


What does it mean when Apple says “and life will be different as a result” of having Apple & 3rd party developer get together?
Retina MacBook Air, ibeacon, or any of the believable rumors are not life changing. So what are they about to announce?
The last life changing thing Apple announced was the iPhone & ipad. Will the next thing be that big, are they going to surprise us?

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Hello world!

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